About Me

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Hi, my name is Ashir Mittal, Mechanical Engineer pursuing my dream in Automotive Industry.

What is a mechanical engineer, with profession in Automotive Industry, doing here making websites ?

The most commonly asked question to me, to which I reply, "Passion". Passion is one thing which drives the world. If it was not passion, Christopher Columbus would not have discovered America. Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you're passionate about something, then you're more willing to take risks. And this is the reason for the existence of technic-corner.com. Web Development is a kind of hobby for me, which I use to showcase and document my other new hobbies and passion. Automobiles, Travelling and LEGO Design. Please note, I don't like writing at all. It's just for the sake of documentation I started writing.

Why choose "technic-corner.com"?
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My first online website was funwithashir.com which quickly gained popularity in my batch not for its contents but for its name. It was like my site contained NSFW content for "Fun" purpose. Well, the name was changed to incrediblefun.com which remained a popular source of latest mechanical class notes for 3 years. During which I got busy with other career oriented interests, but still kept my website active with minor updates. After getting placement in my dream company in final year, I decided to complete what I had left pending, and thus technic-corner.com was born.

The name, "technic-corner.com", was chosen to link to the 2 major parts of my website - Engineering Tech. (Automobile) & LEGO Technic (LEGO Designs). Later on added this Blog portion to link latest discovered interest, Travelling (Road-Trips) The motive behind keeping the content separately was to avoid interference to the readers with different interests. Not everyone interested in Automobiles or class notes have interest in LEGO. Likewise, LEGO builders may or may not want to read Automotive News.

What do you want to do? More about yourself please!

Fill the world with smiles! Yeah, you will Always find me smiling, which I expect in return too. One doesn't need to be happy to smile but once you smile, you can't be sad. Following are some beautiful works said by Art of Living founder,

This life has so much to offer you. You can see this only if you take some time off to rejuvenate your soul. Your soul is waiting for you to smile. If you could just do this much, you will feel energised throughout the year and nothing will be able to take your smile away from you.
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To spread the happiness, one has to be happy himself which is not possible without being in true-self. If you are true to yourself, you are going to be true to others and that's how the smiles spread! Another quote from a famous violinist, Lindsey Stirling, who has inspired me a lot...
I am so much happier when I am doing the things that make me me, and that's living by my standards and doing the things I love, using my talents, however random they are, to share with other people. That's what makes me happy.
With honest and caring attitude, I want to show this world that by finding the courage to be ourselves, we gain the power to make a difference. And we can ALWAYS make a difference to someone, no matter what role we play. For this matter, my Dad has been a role model for me, after all I get some of his qualities through genes.

I'll end by sharing a beautiful video by Lindsey Stirling, which tells ...

Everyone has a voice, every individual, no matter who you are, you have the power to inspire change for good.

League Of Legends (EUW): Ashir007
Online Stream (Twitch): AshirMittal